Fine Art Choices

What are my options when ordering prints?

All of the Fine Art prints from Splashes of Watercolor use the highest quality, pigmented-based ink for Prints.  Museum quality, Giclée prints are reproduced on either archival, acid-free watercolor paper or on premium grade, archival canvas. Canvas prints are stretched and have had a protective coating applied. You can be assured of the print quality, as all prints are individually inspected and signed by the artist, guaranteeing the highest quality. A variety of Original Works are also available. Please contact the artist regarding the availability and cost of any specific original you wish to own.

What are Giclées?

Investing in a Giclée art print (pronounced Zhe-Clay) is currently one of the most popular forms of investing in art. Auctions in recent years have produced sale prices in the 10k range. Giclée art prints are produced on a large format printer. These are printers similar to the one you use for your computer with one major difference.  They are extreme machines, printing with visible dots that you would see in typical printing. This is accomplished by laying a series of fine dots so closely together that visually there will be a continuous color. Unlike lithographs which print in cyan, magenta, and yellow, these printers use a number of different colors. The result is a richer color and a print closer to the original than a lithograph. Side by side, however, the Giclée art print has a better quality than lithographs across the board. It comes from the ability to have one continuous image with every color perfectly matched. That matching even has the essence of shadow the color will have.

How do I care for my fine artwork?

Caring for your fine art is an essential aspect of collecting artworks. At the heart of any art is its eternal beauty and timelessness. That beauty is only as durable as the media with which it is created.  Art Framing is a vital aspect of collecting, investing, and caring for art. Prints on paper are particularly vulnerable. The frame helps to protect the value of the art print. Please be sure to use the services of a reputable framer for the safe-keeping of your art. It’s imperative that you use acid-free materials and UV protected glass for the home of your new art print.

Cleaning the glass that protects the art requires its own special care. Read the instructions on the particular glass. Ask the framer to glue the directions to the backing on the print. Generally, you will not use any chemicals like window cleaners. Especially important is never ever spraying the cleaner on the glass. It is important that all cleaning people know this too. The excess cleaner can run under the frame and be wicked up by the matting. At the least it will destroy the matting. At the worst it will damage the print.

With proper care, your art print will be enjoyed by many future generations.