Karen Ann

Thank you for visiting Splashes of Watercolor!

I love the arts!  I love the passion and creativity of the artist.  I love watching artists as they paint, draw, sing, write, dance, or play their music!  Best of all, I passionately love being an artist!  The freshness of a new piece is always an adventure in possibilities!

Although I first painted with acrylics and oils, as soon as I was introduced to water media, I became a Watercolorist.  For me, it was almost a textural thing.  It was the difference between going wading in a thick jelly or skinny dipping in a spring fed pond!   The movement of the paint as it swims across the paper or blends with another color is a visual party you just don’t want to miss.  Acrylic pouring is much like watercolor in the flow of colors.  Manipulating the fluidity and flow of the paint, while creating a composition is energizing, and offers instant gratification!

So, thank you for coming to my party and I hope you enjoy the visit!