Working in a series format is both challenging and stimulating. 

In the Acrylic Pourings Gallery, each painting is one of a kind in that it’s impossible to do another just like the first, due to the nature of how the medium is applied.  You might duplicate the same colors being used in a painting, but since they are poured onto the canvas, rather then applying with a brush , it’s impossible to control, with any accuracy, where the paint will flow.  Each painting is therefore unique and once it’s gone, it’s gone!

In the Music of the Musicians Series, my paintings try to catch that moment that exists for ALL musicians when they become one with their music – at that magic moment, everything else ceases to exist and the musician, his instrument, and the music become one. 

The Jewelry gallery also contains one of a kind pieces and all are hand made.

The  A Celebration of Women Series, all watercolors,  shows the many sides of women, as they celebrate their femininity with their sisters of the heart.   

The Great Lakes Series and the Floral Surprises Series  are all watercolors, and express the moods of nature.

The Spirit Series reflects the vastness  of the Universe and my belief that ultimately, we are all one.  We are all energy, and all connected to one source.  The medium for all of these paintings is watercolors.

Lastly, the Individual, Non Series Artwork is a collection of watercolor paintings that have the potential to become a series but may remain as stand alone works of art.  They are all pieces which have captured my attention for a variety of reasons and I hope that you enjoy them, as well.